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Corporate Team

Accounting & Finance

Andrene Anderson

Accounts Receivable Supervisor

Faith Bryan-Knight


Walter Leveille

Staff Accountant

Jorge Magana

Finance Manager

Alaina Oue

Billing Coordinator

Executive Team

Elizabeth Hawks

Recruiting Coordinator

Lindsey Kelly

Recruiting Coordinator

Maria Mora

Director of HR, People and Culture

Emely Ruiz

Recruiting Coordinator

Stephana Tobbaji

HR Specialist

Ilanna Vargas

Lead Recruiting Manager


Steve Kitts

Director of IT

Learning & Development

Daniel Diaz

L&D Manager

Netanel Silberman

L&D Specialist


Eliana Armas

Marketing Specialist

Ariana Rosario

Social Media Specialist

Roman Sukharenko

Director of Marketing

Talent Acquisition

Patrick Larco

Director of Talent Acquisition
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