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Ascendo is always seeking talented individuals to join our
internal teams. Become an Ascender, and see how we can
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Form Real Relationships

Our recruiters get the chance to make a real difference to the candidates they engage. To guide them, help them find their dream job, and make life-long connections with lasting professional impact. We focus on building healthy relationships with our team through trust and transparency, just as much as with our candidates and clients. And we will put you in a position to succeed.

Rise with us

Our industry expertise allows us to help you build knowledge in your area of interest, and to apply your own expertise in new ways for greater success. As you learn and grow, so will your compensation, which is uncapped. It’s one of the ways we keep our experts around.

Diversity is our way of life.

We aim to bring on board and retain tenacious, inquisitive people fueled by the same entrepreneurial spirit that got us to where we are today. You will be working in an environment full of opportunity, not only for financial growth, but where ideas are valued, experiences are meaningful, and diversity is not only celebrated, but expected.


 During my five and a half years with Ascendo, I have experienced personal and professional growth. I have improved my time management and communicationskills. I am now a better communicator and I use my time more efficiently.

Ivan Pulido, Director

 My experience at Ascendo Resources was the best I could have imagined. They were extremely personable, which put me at ease at our very first meeting. They looked at my resume and exuded confidence that my skills and experience would get me a job soon. In fact, I had an interview scheduled right away and they even provided me helpful tips for that interview. They stayed in touch and kept me updated about that job possibility.

Chris, Ascendo Resources Employee

 I have worked for Ascendo for almost three years and have loved every minute. Amazing culture, work, ethics, and growing, growing, growing! They also helped me find my new opportunity, so thank you very much!

Benjamin, Ascendo Resources Employee

 I like working here because I basically can do what I need to do to make money. It’s kind of like, the sky’s the limit with regards to deals and business. We have an open approach to how we can get new clients, which is awesome! You’re pretty much running your own business. Nobody bugs you.

Angie Langlois, Partner

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